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Multi-crystalline Solar PV Module

72 Cells

Higher Efficiency

Modules with 3% higher energy output than Industry Average.

Higher Energy

10Wp higher than Industry Average PV Modules with average of 325Wp.

Fully Automated

Manufactured on 100% automated line; using state-of-the-art module manufacturing technology.

The very first photovoltaic manufacturer company is Adani solar. This is the first company which provided renewable energy solutions and integrated their business to providing the spectrum of PV manufacturer services. At Suhann Solar you can find all series of Adani solar like Dual glass Bifacial Module (60 and 72 cell), Multi crystalline module (1000v), Mono crystalline PERC module (60 and 72 cell), and Multi- crystalline module (1500v) to order.

Suhann Solar offering solar panel services from last 6 years. We provide quality solar panels of from Adani solar. Adani solar is first and best solar panel services and we are the distributor of Adani solar modules in Noida, Rohtak, Faridabad, and Bahadurgarh India.

At Suhann Solar we provide a long life solution of renewable energy and use the latest sell innovations to create the cost efficient solar panels with long-life. Our staff is skilled in field of installation and setup of Adani solar panels.

Suhann Solar provides adani solar module services at affordable cost in Noida, Bahadurgarh, Rohtak, and Faridabad India.

High Reliability

  • 2*IEC Testing to ensure extremely high reliability of PV Modules.
  • PID Resistant Modules

Superior Performance

  • Triple EL checking ensuring defect free modules.
  • Lower Temperature Coefficient
  • Lower NOCT & higher performance at NOCT & PTC Conditions.
  • Excellent Performance at Low Light Irradiation (200 W/m2)

Get the cost advantage

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