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How Solar Distributors in Haryana are Using Solar Power to Reduce Energy Costs in 2019

Solar panels are the best for the environment. People can enjoy savings over a lifetime with one good solar panel installation. But do solar panels actually save money for customers? Ample trendy investment opportunities out there hold people back from thinking in an eco-friendly way. Besides, most people are always skeptical about new products. Honestly, solar panels installed by solar distributors in Haryana save money by reducing electric bill. Besides, these installations make a great home upgrade. So a simple answer to the question “do solar panels help save money?” is yes. But how much exactly needs to be calculated cleverly. Savings also depend on multiple factors like direct sunlight daily, hours of sunlight and angle of rooftops at homes and offices. This angle is very important. Besides, most electricity rates are too expensive yet highly convenient to install as homes already come with electrical fittings. This bars people from thinking of a solar alternative. How much electric bill can solar panels save a home or office? The most critical step is to understand the amount of solar energy that can save a person. Besides, one has to calculate what amount is currently being spent on electricity on a yearly basis. Average annual electricity that is needed for a house in an Indian city is 100 kilowatt-hours. When that is multiplied by a national average, electricity rate in November 2017 would stand at 100,100 rupees on electricity alone. Besides, one has to take into consideration the power cuts, generator bills, inverter costs, changing unit rates, appliance costs, and other variables [...]

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Interesting Facts about Solar Energy

Solar power is your doorway to a clean energy today and also in the future. Sun renders way more energy than we need and we can imagine to the earth on a daily basis. In order to harness this power, companies like Suhann Solar panel installations and distributors in Noida are investing heavily in solar plants. Some interesting facts about solar energy are as follows: It is emission-free - No carbon dioxide or similar emissions are given out of a solar energy unit. These units do not emit any greenhouse gases and there are no other emissions released as well. When it comes to the atmosphere, one has to use solar panels to not only tap into electricity but also distribute it. The sun always provides way more energy than ever needed. For that matter, electricity from solar power is highly crucial as an energy source. It is your way ahead to tap into a super clean energy production. 2.  Low operating costs - In a solar panel, there is a photovoltaic process which basically transforms sunlight into electricity. It might as well not require fuel as it does not have any variable cost. 3. Limitless solar energy - The sun renders the earth with sufficient energy to not only meet the whole world ’s energy needs but also surplus. It is very unlike fossil fuels, as it will not run out anytime sooner. For that matter, as a renewable energy source, there is a limitation in the solar power supply and harnessing as well. It is basically our ability [...]

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How To Reduce 90% Of Your Electricity Bills By Implementing Solar

This is true that you can reduce your electricity bill by 90% by implementing solar at your home, school, college, NGO, organization, office etc. Means wherever you want to reduce your electricity bill you can do it by using a solar panel. It never harms our planet because it is sunlight energy that we use as like electricity. Solar has a one-time cost energy panel and it helps to provide a greener environment for our youngsters. Solar panel installation is very easy and one-time installation. Once you install then next 10 to 20 years it gives you only profit by reducing your electricity bill. Have you ever think about solar power on your home roof? Most off homeowners use this technology because it is less costly as compared to other electricity setup and charges. There are many options and offer you get with a solar-like subsidy for installation of solar in organizations. Save Money by using solar- Solar energy reduce your electricity bill by 90% instead of relying on utility electricity. If you have solar at your home it worked a full day to store electricity from sunlight heat. It is all time energy saver except night and thunderstorms. If you have solar energy electricity as well as your current electricity connection then you have two options. In the case of a thunderstorm, you can use your utility electricity otherwise use solar electricity. You can save electricity by using solar panel because: One kilowatt power solar plant develop 4 to 5 units in a day. One kilowatt power solar plant [...]

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Why There Is Necessity Of Solar Panel In India

Solar energy is produced by the sun. It is used to create electricity for homes and businesses. In order to turn the sun’s energy into electricity, it is essential to have solar cells to collect and transform solar energy into electricity. Solar energy very important and it has been since the beginning of the time. With a vast population, India is continuously facing huge energy demand. In production and consumption of electricity, India stands on 5th number in all over the world. Around more than 70% of the population lives in villages and most of the villages are with no electricity. But now it’s the time to focus more on energy competence and conservation energy. And of course, solar energy is the best form of energy to meet this high demand. Plants and animals also use solar energy to produce important nutrients in their cells. Plants use solar energy to produce green chlorophyll to complete their needs whereas humans use solar energy to produce vitamin D in their bodies. Since solar energy is totally natural, it is always considered a clean energy source. Also, it does not produce any type of pollution. Hence, it’s safe and environmentally-friendly. Solar power systems are now more efficient and have become more affordable for residential and commercial customers. Benefits of Solar Panels in India Here are some of the benefits of solar energy which makes it suitable for India: Due to environment-friendly nature, solar energy plays a very important role. When we use it, it does not release carbon dye oxide or other gas [...]

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