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Solar Products

The sun is the most well distributed natural source of energy and solar power harnesses this abundant resource. As energy conservation is the need of the hour, Solar energy based applications are fast catching-up. Microtek’s Solar range provides access to this free source of solar energy which is green, reliable, and pollution free. The Solar Offering range includes Solar UPS, Solar Panels, Solar PCU, Solar Bi-directional Grid Tied PCU. Microtek products are manufactured in State-of-the-art automatic

Super Fast Charging

More Battery Life

More Backup

Solar Grid-Tied System

Microtek M-SUN SOLAR GRID-TIED SYSTEM is a system with Grid-Tie functionality.
MPPT Based Technology Grid Tie Wall mounted Solar System that converts Solar Energy into Electricity.

Solar BI-Directional Hybrid System

Microtek M-SUN SOLAR BI-DIRECTIONAL HYBRID SYSTEM is a system with Grid-Tie functionality and Dual Power Inputs. MPPT Based Technology

Solar UNI-Directional Hybrid UPS

Microtek M-SUN SOLAR UNI-DIRECTIONAL HYBRID UPS is designed to utilize maximum use of Solar Energy. If there is excess of Solar Energy Generation from PV

Solar UPS

Microtek M-SUN SOLAR UPS is Gen-Next Sinewave Hybrid Solar UPS is based on DSP Technology.

It is Integrated with in-built 30Amp Smart Solar Charge Controller. Solar Over Current handling Capacity upto 20%.

Solar PV Modules

Microtek – India’s ‘Most Preferred’ and ‘Most Awarded’ Brand, has Launched range of Solar PV Modules to promote Green and Renewable Source of Energy.

PWM Solar management Unit

Microtek’s, micro-controller based high-efficiency SMU (Solar management unit) is best suited for low-power applications.

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